-Wir sein pettler. Hoc est verum.--"We are beggars. This is true."--Martin Luther-

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lutheran Quote of the Day: Luther on the Spiritual Government

This is a quote lifted from A Long Walk With Martin Luther. It is a good example of how Luther talked of the spiritual government (regimente).

"Those who believe and whom the Holy Spirit touches through the Word know and receive the Holy Spirit, even though this is not at all apparent to the world. Therefore it is a different word and a far different government from that of a man. Beyond question it is the Word of God that speaks through us and through which He is powerful in the church. He does all things with the Word alone, illumines, buoys up, and saves; for it is a Word of promise, grace, eternal life, and salvation.

"Concerning this efficacy of the Word the world knows nothing. Yet just as in the Gospel Christ casts out demons by means of the Word, so the minister says to the sinner: “I absolve  you from all your sins.” And this is the way it happens. For it is not the word of a man, at whose voice the devil would by no means flee. Even if all the jurists and all the philosophers were to heap up all their books, nothing would happen. But when the minister pronounces absolution, liberation from the devil and from sin is sure to follow. If the Holy Spirit grants you grace to believe, there He drives out Satan and death with one word."

-Martin Luther, LW 8:271

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