-Wir sein pettler. Hoc est verum.--"We are beggars. This is true."--Martin Luther-

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are Our Best Days Behind Us?

Matt Harrison has created the best LC-MS blog around. If you have not stopped by, I highly encourage that you do. He is always posting things from the early days of the synod (translating them on a drop of a hat it seems). This post from him: Are Our Best Days Behind Us? Schwan 1865, is a great self assesment that we should always be asking as a synod. This is Harrison's introduction:

"H.C. Schwan was president of the LCMS Central District in 1865. As the Synod was approaching its twentieth anniversary, he honestly asked the question: Are our best days behind us? Schwan aludes to Luther's comment that he gospel is like a "passing rain shower," which does not return where it has passed. All five of the German born presidents of the Synod knew this passage of Luther, and all used it as a call to repentance for their day. Lord have mercy upon us. Matt H"

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